Winter Tournaments

Indoor tournaments are optional for players to attend, yet highly recommended. SABA places a large value on the benefits of indoor soccer for our players and teams. Those who commit to indoor practice and tournaments tend to come out for the spring season much sharper and stronger for it. The tournaments themselves can be a lot of fun for parents and players, given the heightened competitive edge the environment creates.

Additional Fees for these tournaments are broken down as follows. Registration fee + Coaching Fee, divided by the number of players attending. Coaching fee varies per coach, dependent on coaching certification level and overall experience. Total fees tend to be around the $40-$50 range per tournament but can vary depending on the event. You are guaranteed a minimum of 3-4 games, with the potential of additional semi-final and final games depending on the team’s progress at the event.

Time frames for these events are not typically released by the tournament bodies themselves until the Monday/Tuesday leading into the tournament. They tend to last between 2.5-3 hours. They typically run younger age groups early and work up to older age groups later in the day. Staff do not supervise players between games!

Each team plays a minimum of 4 games between the time frame. This typically includes 3 group games and an additional consolation or play-off game depending on the team’s progress/results in the standings. Each game typically lasts around 20-minutes. Some teams who reach a final may get a further game.