Huge thanks to Harry, Adam and all the SABA coaches for taking such good care of our kids.  It is not often you find the combo of such competency and caring in the same teachers and our kids are lucky to have you.  I feel you are nurturing them as soccer players and young men and I appreciate it.

Alex Shub


Thanks so much for the encouraging words Harry! Cheers to you and your thriving organization, Eli came away with such an increased level of skill and awareness for the game!


Red Hook United

Coach John,

Arsenal was communicating and moving the ball beautifully on the pitch yesterday. I saw them utilize several set plays that Ben said you worked on in practice. You should be very proud of your efforts with this squad. Your coaching has matured them all as “team” players rather then individuals and your passion for this game is contagious.

Steve Larson


I have first hand experience with SABA as our two children have played soccer with SABA for over 5 years.  We have been impressed with the coaching methods and philosophy, which have lead to the physical and personal development of our children.

SABA is a upstanding organization, a leading force in the NYC youth soccer world and has the largest girls academy in Brooklyn.

Antoinette Wannebo

Harry and Adam, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for having Raul work with Bayern again this past season.  I have been impressed with Raul and his handling of the boys, and his in game adjustments.  He makes the most of the talent at his disposal, which may be the true measure of a great coach.   Henry continues to grow as a soccer player because of Raul and SABA.

George Stewart