Small Group Technical Sessions

Small Group Technical Sessions

Staff coaches are available to conduct small group sessions when schedules do not conflict with team training. SABA recommends sessions of 2-4 players in order to create the competition, scenarios, and demands that replicate small group game situations.



  • The financial beneficiary of the lesson is the individual running the session and not the club.
  • Lessons not booked and paid directly through SABA are non-sponsored activities.
  • Sponsored lessons are approved by the Director, Assistant Director, or Technical Director.
  • Players taking part in non-sponsored lessons are not insured by SABA.


  • Sessions are designed to refine technical skills. Although players can improve their confidence and individual skills, game application is difficult to replicate in private lessons.
  • Sessions should not replace regular team training.
  • Attending a private session after missing team training is not considered a makeup.
  • Private lessons do not guarantee a place in the starting lineup, additional playing time, or team selections and promotions. Parents and players should not receive any information that contradicts this policy.