SABA B07 1st in Metro League

SABA NYC B2007 (u12) currently remain 1st in the recently formed Metropolitan League at the conclusion of the Fall 2018 season.

The NYCSL METRO LEAGUE is a Club based League, modeled on the NYCSL NPL platform. The Metro league serves as a pathway for NYCSL and CCSL club teams to be promoted to the NYCSL NPL league, as well as for NPL club teams to be relegated to the Metro league.

The 2007 boys won 8 from 9 games, drawing only to Barca Academy in an intense and dramatic match-up which saw Toby Alvarez, a 6-year SABA player, tie the game with an excellent free-kick late in the 2nd half.

The 2007 team will play the 2nd half of the season in the Spring 2019.