SABA creates a competitive, merit-based environment. Exact minutes are never guaranteed but fair playing time will be provided at the youngest age groups. As teams get older, stricter policies will determine minutes each week based on the application of  expectations and standards mentioned throughout the website.


  • Players may not have a set position prior to U12.
  • SABA expects that coaches rotate players throughout positions each season. Rotations will expose players to various roles and help expand overall understanding of the game.
  • Certain games or tournaments may not allow for player rotations. The staff will pick when and where they expose players to new roles.
  • When possible, keepers should rotate prior to U10. If a keeper is developing the traits to play the position full-time, they may get exposure to field play by guesting on another team within the club. Parents should embrace this opportunity in order to help their child develop the ability and confidence to display the style of play.
  • Situations will vary with each team, depending on the talent level and willingness to play certain positions. However, a policy on positions is in place at SABA and discussed throughout each team in order to keep clear objectives.


Throughout the years, Luca has played on several teams within SABA, starting in the C divisions. His parents have supported his development at several positions and Luca is now a talented keeper, competing in the Region’s top leagues.