SABA is a NYC based organization providing the community with a player-centric soccer club that guides players in the pursuit of excellence.


To create a culture of quality and results.


Foster a curriculum that enables players and teams to attain regional, national, and international recognition.

By committing to the vision we aim to:

  • Continue merit-based selection of rosters throughout all age groups.
  • Continue developing teams capable of earning invitations to the Region’s top tournaments such as Delco and Jefferson Cup and expand our invitations to tournaments in other regions.
  • Collaborate annually with youth professional academies and continue to learn from top coaches.
  • Offer players International tours.
  • Identify talents that can train with Celtic FC Academy Boys and Girls teams.
  • Provide players with scouting opportunities for selections to State, Regional, and National Teams.
  • Provide a pathway for our top players to pursue college and professional soccer.

“We don’t sell parents dreams of college or professional soccer but we ignite the possibilities by offering the platform so our highly motivated and talented players take advantage of the opportunities”

– Harry Triana,  Founder/Director



  • Shake the coaches hand before and after every practice.
  • Shake the referees hand after every game.
  • Set up and clean up fields during practices and games.
  • Owning the experience by providing feedback on teammates, opponents, and parents.
  • Players lead warm-ups and post game cool downs.
  • Players asked to provide feedback on lineups in an attempt to foster accountability, leadership, and communication skills.


  • Respect SABA’s code of conduct and guidelines.
  • Do not coach from the sidelines.
  • Respect the game and referee and display proper adult behavior.
  • Leave lineups, formation, and player selections to coaching staff.
  • Support the long-term process.


  • Maintain humility and apply methods expected by Club Directors.
  • Provide merit-based selections that set aside their own wants for the benefit of individual players and the club.
  • Consistent communication with coordinators and parents in order to keep objectives clear.
  • Commitment to the long-term process over immediate results.

Program Directors

Constantly assessing players, parents, and coaches in order to make necessary changes that maintain the consistency of club principles.