Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Tuition payments for the 10- month season include practices and game coaching. Additional expenses besides practices and league games are incurred throughout the year.

Full registration and first tuition installment is due once a player is selected to their training group or team.

Any balances that last for more then 3 weeks after being due may result in a player being suspended from practices and/or games.

First installment and registration is due in August.

Second installment is due in December.

Parents joining programs midseason will be given their tuition totals following their child’s tryout completion. Payment is due by the first practice after acceptance into the program.

Besides tuition payments, additional expenses include:

  • Game Uniform
  • Track Suits and Bags
  • Practice Uniform
  • Tournaments and Cups
  • Scrimmages or festivals
  • Referees

Team coordinators and club directors communicate additional expenses during the registration process and before added events to the master schedule.

Additional events vary among teams. Club directors and/or team coordinators communicate any possible additions to the master game schedule.


Payments are due on or before the first day of attendance


The first day of practice constitutes the start of the season. Once the tryout process is complete and the player is appointed to a training group or team, if the parent or player decides to withdraw from the program, Full payment is still required.

Refunds are not given in the event of:

  • Injuries
  • Weather or game Cancellations
  • Missed games/practices
  • Suspensions or ejection from SABA
  • Player leaves program.


A credit may be issued for a future event and these possibilities are discussed with parents depending on the situation.