Letter From Our Founder

Letter From Our Founder

Dear Prospective SABA parent:

At SABA, we strive to provide an environment that impacts the community by maintaining a consistent set of values and principles that create measurable and attainable goals.

You may face various challenges that impede progress, performance, and desirable outcomes. However, communication of our objectives throughout the year helps maintain realistic expectations. The process is never short-term or predictable. Commitment from players and parents, level of competition, and player attrition, are just a few variables that determine progress.

Our staff is continuously assessed, based on their abilities to implement the curriculum without compromising the quality of the club. My priority is to provide you with a leadership group that carries out a clear set of principles, maintains an honest sense of self, and is capable of shaping conduct that steers clear of false promises.

SABA has been a presence in Brooklyn for 17 year. As the founder and director, I am personally committed to the success of the club, ensuring that the culture in place continues to achieve expected results. This personal commitment, consistency in leadership, and proven ability to develop players of all ages, should make us your top choice in Brooklyn.

Once you register for one of our programs, you are investing in a club that maintains high standards, has a recognizable brand, and understands the value of its members. We look forward to having your family experience the positive impact SABA is having in the community.

Harry Triana