Competition Procedure

Competition Procedure

Detailed communication with leagues provides information specifying the appropriate divisions for each team. However, each season, teams may end up in a division that may be too weak or too strong. Promotion and relegation provides new challenges each season, including the teams competing at the highest levels.

Current team dynamics helps assess whether teams are capable of remaining in a certain division or whether a change is needed.

Switching leagues and divisions may be necessary in order to stay progressive and meet team needs and club standards.

We can’t gather an assessment of where teams fit best until they have played out some parts of the season. We remind parents that the search for competitive balance is continuous but not always perfect. 


Club directors recommend tournaments to specific teams. Tournament entry will depend on the parent dynamics and overall interest within each group. Some age groups may not have interest and others have high interest. However, all players and teams competing in top divisions are expected to attend Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Memorial Day outdoor tournaments.

Tournament costs are separate from the Club registration and Coaching tuition.


Indoor tournaments are usually one-day competitions that are communicated in advance by parent coordinators. Coaches and coordinators will compare tournament dates with player availability so the winter months can be planned efficiently. Tournaments vary in days, times, and locations.


Tournament costs are additional to the yearly club and registration tuition fees. Parents split the tournament costs as well as the coaching fee for the day.  Each tournament has different registration fees. Therefore, fees depend on registration cost and player attendance.


Various teams enter cup competitions throughout the year and play extra games. Teams also play in festivals and/or scrimmages. Similar to the tournament cost structure, parents split fees to cover these events. Any additional events are communicated to parents in advance.