Commitment Calendar

Commitment Calendar

The competitive calendar is broken down into the following seasons:

  • Fall League-September to December
  • Winter Indoor-December to March
  • Spring League- March to June

*Teams playing in Super Y league or taking part in summer tournaments will require July and August commitments.

*Payment calendar is broken down into 2 semesters with payments due in September and December


It is important to commit to the full year cycle in order to maximize player opportunities. Team and player assessments are made after the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Open enrollment does allow players to be added to rosters at any point throughout the year.

The winter season is a time of reassessment to see how players are progressing and evaluate:

  • Possible roster changes for spring season.
  • Guest player impact on other teams within the club.
  • Application of small group concepts.
  • Ability to adapt to speed of play that helps prepare for outdoor season.

The speed of play that is evident at indoor and futsal tournaments provides all the elements that prepare players for the spring season.

A full commitment requires:

  • Taking part in the 10-month process (if player joined in Sep).
  • Not missing SABA events to attend supplemental training or tournaments with other programs.
  • Putting aside individual desires for the sake of the team.
  • A shared commitment alongside teammates. Frequently making up sessions with another team doesn’t help achieve the goal of sharing the commitment with the group that will compete at games.
  • Minimizing other sport related absences.

Financial commitment has little impact on a player’s progress throughout the season if there is not an effort to attend a majority of practices and games. Commitment expectations should be reviewed and applied in order to put each player in the best position to improve.